8 Scary Fishing Stories (Vol. 1)

8 Scary Fishing Stories (Vol. 1)

Fishing is often times a very calm and relaxing past time. It seems that not every fisherman has fond stories of catching massive fish. These 8 subscribers sent in their allegedly true creepy stories while fishing rivers, oceans, and anywhere else you could possibly hook that big monster fish!

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50 Replies to “8 Scary Fishing Stories (Vol. 1)”

  1. I can’t get scared no more nothings scary at 3 am it’s the ads. Once you think it might scare you a ad will eventually get you

  2. The guy that said he raped his daughter, that’s something that’ll get me put up on charges for physical assault after I was done with him. Even at 16 I couldn’t imagine just pretending to ignore someone saying that.

  3. Number 7….what in the actual Fuck?!! Ummm call the Motherfucking cops dumbfuck

  4. *#5:* _"….. started rocking like a steam powered train"_

    Yeah… because _everyone_ knows what that’s like. 😒 How old was his uncle, anyway, 130??? 🙄

  5. Story 7’s grammar has me cringing and shouting corrections to nobody in particular! 😂🙄🤷‍♀️

  6. Born and raised at the base of Grand Mesa. Grand Junction Colorado. Seen some weird stuff up there

  7. Fuckin awesome!!! The first story comes from my stomping grounds in Indiana !!

    I have a ufo encounter that happened while I was fishing.

  8. So I noticed the comment you don’t like you delete. These stories are from people who get scared of their own shadow, parts of these stories sound really made up.

  9. In story #4. Just why exactly was the unknown creature terrorizing the guys in the boat by tossing such massive rocks at them?

  10. I’m very much into fishing I have a whole basement full of rods tackle boxes and kayaks but I’m glad we have 15 inches of fresh snow on the ground because I don’t want to go fishing for awhile these stories where creppy as hell good work as always swamp

  11. Swamp dude, I’m loving this set. The stories are cool but the immigration of the landscapes is trippy especially if you are tripping, bro I’m rolling hard af and everything looks so awesome, thanks bro

  12. wabash is pronounced like the beginning of wall. lol just a heads up. source: from Indiana, can confirm. great video as always! havent listened to the whole thing yet, but you’ve never let me down. love you swamp!!

  13. I went fishing at Senecaville lake Ohio, we saw this thing the looked a lot like Nessie. We took photos of it zooming in it turns out it was a deer. It went from the dam to a peninsula that’s like 200 yards from that dam and peninsula. That’s one determined deer.

  14. Me and my cousin caught a skate in the Duamish river mouth that was wider than our 20 foot skiff it almost swamped us..

  15. I have a story I had a 35+ flathead catfish on my line an when it got to the bank the line snapped 😩 heart breaking feeling

  16. I like how Tim was a coward because he was afraid but his dad was afraid but wasn’t a coward smh

  17. Yessss!!! Proceed to the fishing hole!! Down by the river were the green grass grows!!! (Sorry had to) Loved the Video!!! Amazing Work as Always!!! Thank You Sir!!!

  18. Timeswamps:
    1 – 0:58
    2 – 4:08
    3 – 7:18
    4 – 9:24
    5 – 15:41
    6 – 18:12
    7 – 22:14
    8 – 25:43

  19. Would have been awesome without all the commercials. I wound up jumping to a different video twice when trying to get off the ads laying in bed

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