BIG GT'S BIG RED EMPEROR a day i wont forget

BIG GT'S BIG RED EMPEROR a day i wont forget

with the weather finally turning for the good, it allowed us to explore some new waters off home and it definitly paid off.
Pop rod: Daiwa Spartan pe6-8
Reel: Daiwa Saltiga 14000
Line: 100lb J-Braid

Jig Rod: Daiwa DB solid PE4
Jig Reel: Lexa 300H
Line: 50lb J-Braid

Lures: Nomad Riptide 200 Float
Nomad Dartwing

50 Replies to “BIG GT'S BIG RED EMPEROR a day i wont forget”

  1. Faaaaaaaaaaarken hell boyz. What a day. Beyond epic. Makin this lockdown BS bearable. I AM MOVIN TO AIRLIE.

  2. Could you please tell me the year and model number of the Haines Signature boat used in this video nice little fish boat

  3. Wow! Fish is plentiful and huge. Amazing video.
    Could even make a drinking game from video. Every time you say Jimmy you must drink….would probably die🤣

  4. Wow thats a lot of GT’s.. epic footage guy’s 👏👏👏 may I know you’re gear set up? Hope you don’t mind me asking,godbless!!!

  5. Woooww… amazing two brother fighter giant monster with stick bait 👍👍

  6. Epic Fishing video my bro 👍👌💪
    CHECK my video too my Friends I m from Indonesian 🙏🇮🇩😊

  7. Wow….all fish nice 😱
    Need guys..come to mlysia
    Trying at pangkor island malaysia to traveling
    Im mlysia people..means pangkor island guy.

  8. This is incredible. It would be so unreal to fish with a bird’s eye view with a drone and see exactly where to target from above

  9. Wicked footage fellas what a awesome day on the water I’m jealous cheers Yogi Australia 🇦🇺🤙🤙

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