Cheap Vs. Expensive – Best Fishing Rods

Cheap Vs. Expensive – Best Fishing Rods

Before you buy new fishing rods check out this video! What are you really getting for your money? Are all of these different rods worth it or are some a better value? Matt explains his 4 favorite rod lines (from cheap to expensive) and what sets each one apart.

When choosing the best rod lines to invest your money Matt used the follow criteria… How sensitive are the rods? How consistent is the entire line? Do they make enough models to cover the average angler’s needs? Is this the best all-around rod in its class?

Dobyns Colt Series:

The Colt is a great line of rods in the $80 price range. They cover all of your basic techniques with fairly slow actions that will help you land fish. Quality is excellent for the price and best of all, they seem to be consistent.

Standout Models…
7′ Medium spinning- All around finesse
7′ Medium Heavy Crankbait – lipless and deep cranks
7′ Heavy- jigs, Texas rigs, small swimbaits

Dobyns Fury Series:

The Fury line covers everything from finesse to giant swimbaits. Its a true “do everything” line of rods and you can do if for $120 a piece. These are fantastic rods for the price which some great models to choose from.

StandOut Models…
-7′ Medium Spinning – Finesse Fishing
-7′ Medium heavy – all around
-7’3″ Extra Heavy – Frogging
-8′ Heavy- Big Swimbaits and Glidebaits

Shimano Expride:

The Expride is currently our favorite rod line on the market. They’re incredibly light and sensitive and perform along side rods that cost nearly twice their price. At $279, these rods are amazing!

Standout Models…
-7′ Light + Spinning- Dropshot, Ned Rig, Tubes
-7’2″ Medium Heavy- All Around topwater, Texas rigs, reaction
-7’3″ Extra Heavy- Frog fishing
-7’11” Extra Heavy- Best Flipping Stick On The Market (at any price)

G Loomis NRX:

The NRX is the industry standard for sensitivity and ultra light performance. These rods are second to none and offer a variety of amazing models. If you’re looking for high-end performance that you can rely on year after year, the NRX is for you!

Stand Out Models…
– 802S JWR: Light Dropshot and Ned Rig
– 852C JWR: Shaky Head, small keitech, worms, finesse
-853C JWR: Light Jigs, Texas Rigs
-894C JWR: Heavy Jigs, Texas Rigs, Jig Head Swimbaits, big spinnerbaits

Matching Reels…
-Casitas 150:
-Curado 200K:
-Chronarch MGL:
-Metanium MGL:

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50 Replies to “Cheap Vs. Expensive – Best Fishing Rods”

  1. I’m not a great angler but the Kastking Sharky lll rod and reel combo that I bought from Amazon for $120.99 is still my most favorite setup.

  2. I personally am split between dobyns fury and st. Croix mojobass. I get all of my Go To rods and my heavy frog rods from dobyns to save money on the non-bait-specific rods. Then I go mojobass on the ultra specific ‘balance in hand’ type presentations, simply because there are more options in the lineup for me to get exactly what I want, and because I feel they balance a bit better. But between those two you literally have my entire FLW touring setup. All clad with shimano reels on the dobyns and lews on the mojobass. The price offsets with reels and they all end up costing about the same.

  3. Might stay in the fury line, i want a crankbait rod and a spinnerbait rod and in the future a jigging rod. They should do it right?

  4. I have Denali kovert series rods. The cost isn’t too hateful and I personally think they are great

  5. Okay so I have an idea for you genius inventors fishings rods that float okay now make it and hook me up with one 😏

  6. Just a warning. If you go up in price point you will never want to go down. I personally think Powell makes the best for the money. They taught Gary Dobyns how to build rods. The Inferno is their "Budget" rod and equals or bests most others’ $150 range rods.

  7. Here’s the thing, and, not bashing your review in any way, shape or form, but a lot of it comes down to experience. I dont have a fishing channel, my youtube does more gaming related things. However, I do fish during the spring, summer and fall here in Iowa, been fishing since I was a child. Have a little jon boat with a 2-stroke mercury on it. Old beat up truck and trailer I take it to the lakes with. My wife and I have about 12 rods between us, for different things, and backups incase we lose one to a fish (thankfully thats not happened), or one breaks. But, they are all relatively inexpensive, I think the most we have spent on any one rod has been 80 bucks, some as cheap as 35, and there is absolutely no replacement for experience. True if you hook a big fish, theres a change the fight will break your rod, but, that can happen to any rod. I’ve caught many fish on the cheap rods, never felt the need to buy an expensive one. Then again, I dont tournament fish. I fish for food and if I am not going to eat them all, Ill fillet them and give them to my neighbors.

  8. What are your thoughts on the 13 fishing fate? I am thinking about buying one, seems like a good rod to me, but I don’t know much.

  9. The past few years I’ve been buying exclusively Fenwick and st.croix. but now that Fenwick hasn’t returned my calls or emails for weeks I’m going to only buy st.croix now. St.croix called me back within 24 hours. Imo the hmg rod is the best $100 rod out there hands down. Its really a shame a company like Fenwick with its great reputation can’t even answer emails.

  10. without watching, I can say this. Fishing gear is like music instruments. You can play same melody with cheap guitar, medium or high class guitar. You can you the job with all of them. Cheap instrument will not sound so good. Medium class will be good, or even enough. But if you use a high class guitar, you will definitely feel the difference. And once you try – you will never go back. So this is the same with fishing gear. Unless of course you are that guy/girl who doesn’t care, then this will not apply. Different strokes for different folks.

  11. I keep coming back to this video, I bought a dobyns colt spin rod last year. Very happy with it. So this year I am gonna buy another and a fury. Thankyou thankyou thankyou for these videos. Best wishes and tight lines everyone.

  12. Let me know when you want to sell your old rods!!! Lol nice videos man, I just started bass fishing and love it. Thanks to your videos I’m proof you know what your talking about brother.

  13. Great vid. But I think most ppl wanted you to go down even farther in the price range, say 50 bucks or so. I know that’s beneath you, but a lot of ppl. Just aren’t going to spend hundreds of bucks on a rod that will be obsolete in a year or 2. Just saying…my dad for one just will not spend over 100 bucks on the rod or reel, and he catches plenty of fish. I sure would like to try some expensive rods and reels just to see if I could tell a difference. Maybe one day. thanks for the vid though. It was good!

  14. I was looking to buy a $75 rod and im still debating on whether if i should… then watched this video $110, $280, and $400 rods?? Yeah… i dont know what to even think.

  15. What reel should I get if I get the shimono x pride rod, want a great reel also , fishing for trout . Thanks

  16. Haha I find it funny that a little heavier fishing pole actually makes a difference in how tired you get. 😂

  17. "Cheap vs Expensive" is the video title. "Cheap" is a WalMart "Disney’s Little Princess" rod and reel. Expensive is anything more than $50 bucks– $70 if it’s ‘reel included’. Anything beyond $100 is, "I’m a pro and NEED this to catch a fish" or it’s plain snobbery. So in reality, what one considers ‘cheap’ may be another’s ‘way spendy’. Thank God there’s room in the world for all three types of us fishermen– and I don’t care what kind of rod someone uses, if it ain’t an Ugly Stick, it’s garbage. (ROFL– sorry… NOT!)
    Love the passion you’re putting into your speech. And you fish, too! What a combination.

  18. Tacticalbassin Matt and Allen are easily the best reviews on Youtube. They literally cover everything when it comes to bass fishing. Thanks you 2 for putting in the work cuz ive learned ALOT off these guys. Usually agree with them but I just don’t get why someone would buy a $500 NRX or Reel. I dont care if u fish professional or guide. I have 15 casting setups mainly Lew’s and Daiwa reels but only buy Lew’s now cuz the T-Wing Daiwa uses is not bad unless u tie leaders cuz even the smallest line to line knots won’t go thru. That said i have various rods which not had a problem with any rods. Dobyns fury for the money is IMO one of the best but my Duckett Triad blows it away in casting distance, weight & sensitivity. But then again ive caught 5 & 6 lbers on a Lew’s $40 Hank Parker rod from Walmart. That rod is crazy light and sensitive for the $. Had it for years caught many fish mainly on Texas rigs or jigs. Lew’s didnt make combos popular again on accident, and what are u seeing now. Abu Garcia, Shimano, etc are trying but just like Winn grips on rods & reels. These days $200 or so will get u a nice set up

  19. I’m a Shimano and Loomis guy.. I haven’t been let down so far and design wise they are my favorite. Though I do have a mega bass Orochi XX and that’s a beautiful rod.

  20. Personally, I think Fenwick makes an AMAZING rod in the lower end price. I have two HMG rods and I’m ordering a HMX. I personally love Fenwick and you really can’t go wrong with one. That’s just me.

  21. I recently was given a dobyns fury drop shot rod that had a broken top, fixed the tip, and love the rod. Went to pick up a casting rod in the fury section but saw the colt series, so I tried it. And I love that rod for the money. I’m definitely on a budget and those rods work awesome. I’ve paired it with the lews mach crush reel. And honestly it’s my favorite combo. I got a good deal on the reel so I only paid 200$ for the whole combo. And it works amazing.

  22. Wish I could hit the like button more than once…Thanks for the very helpful videos!

  23. I said I’ll never buy a G Loomis NRX ever because any rod and reel can catch a fish. One day my buddy told me he wanted to test out my rod and handed me his nrx. The next day I went and purchased my very own NRX. It feels soo nice and I do not regret buying it at all. The lightness and sensitivity was well worth it for me plus the Loomis warranty is amazing!

  24. You are right NRX is the way to. That’s my choice parried.i got three NRX and. The rods are better then my wife.

  25. I fish alot of species of fish freshwater and saltwater. I fish from boats and kayaks. My garage almost looks like cabelas lol. I need alot of rods for alot of specific techniques and applications. I need quality but also can’t spend $300 a rod or reel. I keep my rods between $100-$220 and my reels in the same price point. Kinda like my gun collection I hope when I die my wife don’t sell the stuff off for what she thinks I paid lmfao. Talking to friends who own $300 rods and up all agree, rod qualities ramp up bang for buck up to the $250 price point, after that you spend lots more and only notice suttle differences.

  26. I’m looking to buy a inexpensive descent baitcaster combo that I can retrieve with my left hand because I’m right handed

  27. Gloomis is king but it’s hard to afford more then couple the rest of my rods are st. Crox beat rods for the price

  28. Got the Expride Spinning 7′ Med. And WOW! The rod is drop dead gorgeous in looks and feel. That patterning with the X wraps is sexy stuff. Super light (107g) tons of backbone and the tip is perfect for twitching most baits. Very comfortable. Thanks for the spot on recommendation, Matt. I also have the Dobyns Sierra 734C and it’s very similar but a little less sensitive and a tad stiffer than the Expride 702. Great that you did this video and explained the choices according to increasing performance for the dollar. Happy Casting!

  29. Like almost every other person in this comment section, I’ve been using sub $50 rods my entire life and only had one break ever. Still caught the monster. The tip broke off tho

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