Fishing w/ Amazon's HIGHEST RATED Fishing Kit (Surprising!)

Fishing w/ Amazon's HIGHEST RATED Fishing Kit (Surprising!)

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Today I’m pond bass fishing w/ Amazon’s highest rated fishing kit!!!

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Lew’s Mach Crush Combo:
Lew’s Custom LITE Rod:

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50 Replies to “Fishing w/ Amazon's HIGHEST RATED Fishing Kit (Surprising!)”

  1. What kind of rods are those!!! They cast far! I need to find a good rod and reel that cast far.

  2. Iojo what’s up buddy you lost to your friend Steven buddy. Lol 😆 entertaining video as well.

  3. NO! the most annoying thing in fishing is getting snagged and then losing everything

  4. You should do amazons cheapest bait caster. It’s like 13$ haha. I would love to see that one

  5. I think you both did really good considering the weather conditions and all. The lures may not have been to your usual standard but I think they worked out OK. Do some more cheap kit videos, I think they’re more challenging.

  6. I used that popper on a random 75 degree day in tea colored water and every species of fish was acting like it was topwater crack

  7. I herad that baitcaster is hard to cast when we cast we always get bird nest but for fishermen its easy

  8. There’s a river in front of my house and it’s filled with catfishes.
    Everyday I go catch them and put them back.

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