KID Picks My Fishing Setup CHALLENGE (Rod, Reel, Line, Lures)

KID Picks My Fishing Setup CHALLENGE (Rod, Reel, Line, Lures)

A kid picks my entire bass fishing setup in today’s fishing challenge including rod, reel, line, and lures!

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50 Replies to “KID Picks My Fishing Setup CHALLENGE (Rod, Reel, Line, Lures)”

  1. If 10 pound line is light you obviously don’t know how to play a fish, ive caught 20 pound salmon on 10 pound line

  2. *Reel spin smoothly Easy to cast and control. Each section stay tight after extended.We tried at small river for trout and lake for bass. Had a lot of fun and enjoyed the pole. Even My little son used it and had no problem at all. The extra fishing kit is a plus and useful.*

  3. I’d definitely buy the boy a pink shirt after he’s clearly trying to embarrass you with the pink lol

  4. I found out on Facebook , people are buying sixgil, buy a bait casting from sixgil and test the reel

  5. That’s some funny stuff right there. My wife uses all pink rod, reel and line. Slays it too on bass with her watermelon grub.

  6. Hey Lojo. Love your videos. Why not find a random person picking up fishing gear for a fishing trip and ask if you could see exactly what he’s buying and fish the same gear ?

  7. Awesome video. I have one of them buzz plugs. And I have never even had a bite on it haha.

  8. I am just starting to see all of your vids and your awesome but u can take off the top and take out the line thats in there and screw it back on and its good as new

  9. that grand slam line is horrible in case anyone hasnt used it. Had it on 3 different combos and it would snap for no reason,mostly while casting. Love tying on a lure that i like just to watch it go flying away.

  10. how do you know if a rod is a bait caster or a spinning reel someone please reply to me

  11. I think it’s funny that he thinks that 10 pound line is light cause I catch 2 pounders on 10 pound line and am fine

  12. he loved picking everything pink, you should defiantly catch FEMALE Bass now,lol fish bump for breast cancer by going pink C-Ya

  13. Late to the show but yes the Grand Slam line is strong line…its my go to line no doubt…I have even used 17 lb on top water popper just to see what would happen and caught plenty of fish and never broke the line

  14. whoever dislikes this video deserves to throw birds nest and loose all there luers that they through for the next 10 years

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