NEW BEST Surf Fishing Rod? SURPRISING PRICE | Surf Fishing Jetty Fishing Surf Fishing Rigs

NEW BEST Surf Fishing Rod? SURPRISING PRICE | Surf Fishing Jetty Fishing Surf Fishing Rigs

Could this be the best Surf Fishing AND Jetty rod? The first review on this rod! on youtube! It has all the high end components, the high end actions, at an affordable price. Can this surf fishing rod be the best rod on the market, especially due to its price? I have been waiting for this surf fishing rod for a long time, and it has barely been released. This rod has the potential to be the best surf fishing rig.

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50 Replies to “NEW BEST Surf Fishing Rod? SURPRISING PRICE | Surf Fishing Jetty Fishing Surf Fishing Rigs”

  1. how heavy are these rods in oz ? – 11 and 12 specially. debating between Cedros Surf and this one

  2. I have the offshore angler “breakwater” 12’ 6-10 oz casting rod and it works great.

  3. Offshore angler breakwater surf rod —- next trip to BPS check them out. I got a 10’ to start and can break 100yds on a spinning reel. I just got the 12’ but haven’t chunked it yet. Let me know what you think. Thanks

  4. i want to get a 5m rod but im confused about the light medium, medium heavy… which one is gd..?? i also do surf fishin btw

  5. I just bought a SPINFISHER VI SPINNING 10500 for surf
    fishing for shark here in Northeast Florida and I was looking for suggestions
    and for a good pairing that will not break the bank $200 bucks tops some say, OCEAN
    MASTER SURF ROD by Bass Pro  12′  Heavy rated at 20-50 lb line and 6 – 12 oz
    lure weight and another suggested the TEAM DIAWA SURF SPINNING RODS (clearance
    priced at 159.00 from an online shop) which is rated as  MH Fast         12′
    20-60lb for 6-16 oz lure weight? The kick is finding the Ocean Master as they
    all say out of stock. Which is your pick or another suggestion- open to
    suggestions fellow anglers.

  6. I have a 12 ‘ casting ocean master 6-12 oz. I use it for Blacktip shark in the surf. That is an older version. Super light powerful, I love it. Oh yes and back then it was $129 at Bass Pro. By the way I build rods, and I can tell, no one will make better surf rod that gives that kind of performance for that low price. Thank you for uploading this video!

  7. Just bought and received the Ocean Master 10′ spinning rod because of your video. Very glad I did . Great rod. Cant beat the price. You should get a commission in my opinion. THANKS

  8. I have a 10ft paired with a Daiwa sealine 30.
    The reel has the Abec 7 upgrade. That sucker launches with this rod.
    I’m buying a Sx Raptor next. Really thinking about putting it on a oceanmaster 10ft. Make it my drum rig.

  9. Have you used the new ocean master casting rods? I’m thinking about getting one to slide baits on the east coast. Looking to get a 12 foot and match it with a penn fathom 30sd, 8oz sputnik to slide large baits for bigger fish

  10. Hey man great video I m going to most probably get this rods
    I have daiwa bg 5000 with 40 lb braid on it
    40 ib braid is good ?
    For 12 ft can I use 5000 reel also ?
    I want to get both rods 10 and 12
    Can I use 5000 for both ?

  11. I use the offshore Angler power sticks ….by far the best surf rod for the money or even far more exspensive rods … I like the power stick over the ocean master only because it’s a 50/50 split for packing it

  12. How was the balance with the bg 5000 with the 10ft ocean master, and do you recommend the bg over the spinfisher 5500?

  13. Do you think a Daiwa Ballistic LT 5000 that weighs 8.1 oz and has a line capacity of Mono(lb/yd): 16/250, 20/195, 25/140 would be a good fit for a 9ft Medium Bass Pro ocean master thats 15-30 lbs.
    1 – 3 oz. or should I go up in size to a 6000 Ballistic thats 11.1oz Mono 20/270
    25/225 30/160?

  14. I own both the oceanmaster, and a St Croix mojo surf. The St Croix is miles ahead of your so called " best rod under 500".

  15. Did I miss how tall the rod is and how many ounces it weighs with out a reel? Thank you

  16. What you were casting was not 8 oz looked like 1/2oz weight and a fidler crab how is that 8 ounces?

  17. Hope your right. Just ordered the 12 footer 8 and bait casting ocean master today. Sept 10th 2020. They are on sale at bass pro 127$
    Headed to buxton nc in 15 days to do some drum fishing. Let you know how it goes. Gonna pair it up with a daiwa saltist 30h

  18. How far can you cast (guesstamation)? And what size real and line r u using ? Yeah I’m not trying to de respect it looks like a good set up

  19. Solid review! Have you checked out the Ninja Tackle Dagger rods yet? Curious about what you think of them against the Ocean Master. I was thinking of going with a Penn Carnage 2 casting 11′ until I saw this video. So many rods…so long to drive from Austin to use them = so little time but so much fun.

  20. Whats your surf fishing setup? Might make that Mona Lisa pic into a tee and calling it the Redfish Lisa 😂

  21. Hey mate, just wondering what size ocean master rod and what size bg reel for jetty fishing?

  22. Nice good looking fishing rod .>>> Packaging was my concern for this as I looked over the box and seen that it had been possibly lightly folded but seen no damages. I bought a Docooler® Full Metal 9+1BB Ball Bearings Right Hand Drum Wheel Boat Sea Fishing Reel Horizontal XW-40 and the colors match perfectly. I may even order a heavy rod in the near future. The price is pretty good but I will put to the test here soon to measure how it stands against the fishing game. I average out 14 to 25 pounders on the river so I definitely update of any cons.

  23. Hey do you think its better to get the ocean master over the power stick? They both seem pretty similar

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